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How to Apply

A national society may submit an application for Membership of AAFPS, in writing to the Secretary General giving the societies official registration details and its Membership numbers.

There are three categories of Membership:

  • Ordinary Members
  • Corporate Members (corporations/organisations) Payable Online Visa/MC.
  • Individual Honorary Members

Ordinary Members:   All legitimate Asian Australasian Societies can apply for ordinary Membership which includes voting rights at the General Assembly of Members.

Corporate Membership:  Any organisation or person who agrees to contribute financially or materially for a minimum period of three years may become a Corporate Member. Corporate Members are subject to the Executive Board’s approval and are without voting rights. Please apply in writing to the Secretary General for a list of benefits and Corporate Membership fees.

Individual honorary Members: Individual honorary membership (without voting rights) may be granted by the Executive Board, to those who have made exceptional contributions to AAFPS or into the research and management of pain.

Membership Fee
The Membership fee payable by ordinary and corporate Members shall be determined by the Executive Board from time to time.

Members may terminate affiliation to AAFPS at the end of a calendar year by sending to the Secretary General prior notice six months in advance.